Delicious Embroidery

Delicious Embroidery is the coming together of mother and daughter and east meets west. The common denominator is a passion for the art of embroidery. Our new flavours (technique chapter) has evolved as a result of our worldwide embroidery tutorials and the generosity of our incredible needlework students.

Lesley (South Africa) and Nikki (Hong Kong) take you on a gastronomic feast. Enjoy delicious techniques and the menu of 18 projects. From simple to extravagant, the design application ranges from breakfast to lunch or supper.

The world of embroidery is your oyster; we hope this book whets your appetite ...

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Just Stitch / Embroidered Flora and Fauna

Just Stitch / Embroidered Flora and Fauna is a culmination of ten years of teaching in many countries and absorbing the storehouse of inspiration.


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