This is what you receive in the full kit.

Each kit will differ pending on the subject matter:

  • Silk-screened background fabric and muslin (supporting fabric) where applicable
  • Embroidery thread (standed cotton) / perlé / metallic thread / silk threads
  • Textured threads
  • Notions: trimming  / beads / feathers / wire / wadding etc
  • A comprehensive booklet with text, illustrations and a photograph of the design

Most of the designs for the full kits can be ordered as a silk screen only i.e. the pattern printed on fabric.

Heavenly Herbs

This is a delicious array of garden herbs showing the leaf, the bloom and the seed of 13 different types of herbs. It is a veritable feast of stitches and different threads. Some fine stitching, composite stitches, textured threads and beads are all part of this library of plants…garden with the needle. This design can be framed as a picture or add a pair of handles and you will have a gorgeous tray!

The size of the design is approximately A3 (38cm x 25cm).

Cut Figs

Learn how to design from a simple fruit painting and translate it into an embroidered appliqué. Appliqué, trapunto, shaded stitching and beads result in a delightful tray or framed picture. The design can be life-size or exaggerated in scale. Once you have created this cut fruit design, any fruit can be translated in the same manner.

The finished piece is approximately 35cm x 30cm.

Speckled Trout

This fabulous Speckled Trout would make a wonderful gift for a fisherman. Learn to do a silk transfer of the design and stitch into it with exciting composite stitches and subtle shading. The head is a combination of stumpwork techniques, made separately on a background fabric and applied last. Spend time and enjoying an Or nué variation for the tail fin and needlelace for the pectoral and pelvic fins. Have fun creating a fly out of mixed media, ribbons and stitches. The finished trout is 28cm x 15cm, background fabric size 45cm x 40cm.


 Learn how to design and create a perfect 3D Poinsettia. The inspiration was based on a magnificent antique painting. Learn exciting stitch combinations with composite stitches, wrapped beads and mixed media (photo transfer and silk appliqué). Combinations offered would be ideal for a trinket box or dinner napkin. A true botanical picture can also be created, working from a fine silk background with needle painting, moving forward into double-sided wired petals and culminating in the centre with needle-lace and raised embroidery, stump-work techniques. The Poinsettia combines fine thread and crewel stitches, raised embroidery, silk appliqué, self-supporting 3D stitches and fabric & fibre manipulation.

Morello Cherry

 This fruit botanical lends itself to embroidery in new dimensions. Learn to transfer a design into interesting stitches by understanding scale, shading and composition. The leaves are translated in crewel stitches, textured threads and wired needle-lace. The cherry blossom is a combination of silk organza ribbon with the added dimension of double-sided organza, wired petals. The cherry fruit incorporates colonial knots, chenille and padded velvet shapes. The finished piece is approximately 50cm x 40cm.

Cardoon (artichoke/thistle family)

The finished piece is approximately 30cm x 40cm. This embroidery was inspired by a picture in the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs. The Artichoke design involves perfecting picots, beautiful bullions and buttonhole.