Handmade Albums

Les Designs also creates unique and stylish photo albums and books. We have a modern approach to design and our items are made using archival quality materials with our specialist knowledge of craft techniques. Why not own these bespoke items of lasting and beautiful memories as your special possession to treasure.
Les Designs has a ready-made range of albums and books in the studio, you can choose and make an appointment to discuss the custom-made options.

The covers can be designed from a range of exclusively chosen fabrics including brocades, decorative papers and book cloths. The sheets are archival acid-free papers as well as environmentally friendly and carefully selected to provide good protection and support for your photos. Personalisation by embossing on the cover and main page in gold or silver is also an option. Different sizes boxes are available for all albums and books.

Embossed (outside or inside)

Embroidered Landscape Album with box

Below are the various types of books and albums to suit the mood and importance of the occasion with natural or black (other colours on request) archival papers.


Albums are mainly for weddings, personal events and new arrivals, they are decorated with personalised trimmings (tassels, ribbons, embossing, buttons) and embroidery

18 loose-leaf sheets (36pages) with or without interleaving

Sizes are in Large 345cm x 365 cm
Landscape 230cm x 255cm
Portrait 233 by 265 cm and Compact 185cm x 270 cm

Large Size (with embossing and ribbon)
Size 345cm x 365 cm

Large Brocade Album
Size 345cm x 365 cm
Landscape Book Cloth Album
Size 230cm x 255cm

Portrait Mini  Album
Size 233cm x 265 cm
Compact Medium Album
Size 185cm x 270 cm

Sewn Albums
Sewn Albums are available on request in any range of size and type (landscape, portrait)

Signing Books 
Signing books accordion style are classic books for Chinese weddings and births where friends and relatives sign their names.
Large size has 4 folds 225cm x 355cm
Medium size has 3 fold 233cm x 265 cm

Guest Books 
All Guest Book are hand-sewn and usually consist of 24 pages
Bookstyle size 185cm x 230 cm (excluding the soft spine)

Window Type Landscape Album

Window Type Mini Album

Brags Books
Brag Books are small fun books to 'show off' your favourite photos. They can also be used as sketchbooks or diaries as they are small enough to fit in any handbag. 
The books are in an accordion or closed style and can be portrait or landscape. 
Approximate size is 185cm x 235 cm

Instas and Themed journals are ideal for photos, notebooks, recipes or even as travel logs.
Do let us know your requirements.

Mini Christmas Books

The client has the option to use any fabric/paper for the cover i.e. marble papers, Japanese papers, book cloth, brocade, regular fabric and embroidered designs. All albums are accessorised with exquisite trimmings to match.

Please don't hesitate to contact with your specific requirements. We are here to assist and advise you with whatever style album or book you are looking for.

Bookbinding is one of our many passions and our team will be delighted to help you with your request.

Treasure your Memories, Make your Life Memorable.